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Challenger Harness Bar (Demon, standard) Installation Instructions

Part #SX-LC-HB (standard); SX-4000 (Demon)

What’s Included:

  • One (1) Upper Hoop Bar
  • One (1) Lower Bar
  • One (1) Seat Bracket
  • Two (2) Diagonal Support Bars
  • Two (2) Shoulder Brackets (mirror design of one another)
  • Hardware Kit (pictured below)

Note: before beginning the installation, please make sure you have all the included parts and necessary tools.

Step 1:Locate and remove the plastic cover on the inside B pillar.

Step 2:Pull away the plastic trim on the B pillar to access the seat belt guide behind it.
Step 3:Use a Torx 47 tool to remove both bolts to remove the seat belt guide.
Step 4:Install the shoulder bracket between the seat belt guide and the car. Use the factory Torx 47 bolts. Note: the shoulder bracket should angle toward the front of the car.
Step 5:Replace the plastic panels removed during the installation.
Step 6:Repeat steps 1-4 on the other side of the car.
Step 7:Remove the rear seat bottom, or rear seat delete bottom, if equipped.
Step 8:Install the seat bracket using the two included lock nuts and the factory bolts.
Step 9:Remove the two bolts from the seat bottom support.
Step 10:Install the lower bar and secure using the factory bolts.  Note: for ease of access, re-install seat bottom, or rear seat delete bottom before moving on to the next step.
Step 11:Install both clevis joints into the upper bar (hoop).  See section below on “Clevis Joints”.
Step 12:While supporting the rear of the upper bar (hoop), install the clevis joint into each b-pillar shoulder bracket.  The black spacer should rest on top of the bracket, and the white spacer on the bottom.
Step 13:Install both clevis joints into the two diagonal bars.  See section below on “Clevis Joints”.
Step 14:Use a brass bolt with lock nut to connect the first diagonal bar to the seat bracket and the upper bar (hoop).  Repeat with the second diagonal bar.
Step 15:Use four brass bolts with lock nuts to connect the Demon logo bar to the upper bar (hoop) and lower bar.

Clevis Joints
There are two sets of clevis joints in this kit.  Two use a brass hex head bolt, along with two white spacers.  Two use an allen head bolt, with one white and one black spacer.  All four require a jam nut on the bolt.
The clevis joints with the allen head bolt are used to connect the upper hoop to the b-pillar brackets.  The clevis joints with the hex bolt are used to connect the two diagonal bars.
To begin with, we recommend screwing the clevis bolt fully into the tube, and then you can unscrew it as needed to adjust and align the bars for final fitment.

Installation Tips
Your Demon Harness Bar comes with a satin, powder coat finish.  Due to the custom powder coat color, touch-up paint is not available, so please be mindful of the surface during the installation process.  Powder coat is a durable finish, but if you are concerned about damaging the finish during installation, we recommend using blue painter’s tape to protect susceptible areas of the bar.
Do not tighten the clevis joints or brass bolts until you have verified the bars are aligned for a proper fit.  Leave the bolts loose so you can make any necessary adjustments, then tighten.

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