Skip Shift Eliminator Installation Instructions

Product Name: Challenger Skip Shift Eliminator Part #: IZM993
Fitment: 2008-2021 Dodge Challenger 6-Speed Manual Last Revision: 6/28/16 (V1)

What’s Included:

  • Speedlogix Skip Shift Eliminator Plug

Note: before beginning the installation, please make sure you have all the included parts and necessary tools.

Tools needed: lift or floor jack and jack stands.

Step 1:Jack up the driver’s side of the vehicle and brace with a jack stand. Follow safety procedures according to the vehicle’s owner’s manual.
Step 2:If the vehicle has been recently driven, avoid the exhaust system and other engine components that may be hot.
Step 3:Locate the CAGS solenoid on the vehicle’s transmission. Start out right in front of the transmission cross-member and look straight up toward the very top of the transmission. Note: there is a similar solenoid on the side of the transmission that is not the correct one and if used the car will not go into reverse. If this happens, remove the skip shift eliminator and locate the proper solenoid to use. See image below.

Step 4:Gently lift the retention tab on the CAGS connector and unplug it from the solenoid.
Step 5:Plug the male end of the skip shift eliminator into the female end of the transmission harness that you removed in Step 4.
Step 6:Plug the female end of the skip shift eliminator into the CAGS solenoid.
Step 7:Lower the vehicle following the procedures outlined in the vehicle’s owner’s manual.

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