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Demon Street Rear Brake Pads 2005-2023 Challenger/Charger (6-Piston)

Demon Street Rear Brake Pads 2005-2023 Challenger/Charger (6-Piston)


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Street Pads are the solution to your squeaky, dusty, expensive factory pads. They have less dust than typical factory pads and much less than typical performance pads. You won't be cleaning your wheels nearly as often. Additionally, they have great initial bite, something most less expensive pads are lacking. But the real reason people like Demon Performance pads so much is they are the "silver bullet" to brake noise problems. Street pads are a semi-metallic composition that is easy on the rotors and the wallet. Demon Performance recommends always replacing pads as a whole car set when switching compounds. All street pads come with their anti-noise shields pre-installed, included in the price.

2015-23 Hellcat/RedEye Charger/Challenger
2015-23 SRT Charger/Challenger
2017-23 SCAT Charger/Challenger W/DYNAMIC PACKAGE
2018-23 Daytona W/Dynamic Brake Package

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