Powder Coat Process

We are excited to officially debut our new powder coat partnership with Retro Coatings right here in Palm Beach County, Florida.  This change was necessary, and the close relationship we have with Retro will ensure we can consistently deliver high-quality powder coated products to you for years to come.  We are so confident, that if during normal installation and use, your powder coat cracks or fails, we will make it right and refund you 100% of your powder coat fee!

Powder Coat Process:
Step 1: sandblast
Step 2: outgas
Step 3: apply primer
Step 4: apply powder coat (repeat for certain colors, clear coat, etc.)

Below is our strut tower brace, coated with this new process, then installed on our 2023 Challenger.  We over-tightly wrenched the strut tower nuts and hit the tubing and edges of the brace with a metal ratchet.  (Watch the video!)  After torture testing, and driving use on our shop Challenger, we are confident you will have a problem-free experience with our powder coated products.

Check out the torture test video ...
Note: no ratchets were harmed in the testing!