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Mishimoto Oil Catch Can 2021-2023 Bronco 2.3L

Mishimoto Oil Catch Can 2021-2023 Bronco 2.3L


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The new Bronco is here and if you're even remotely interested in the automotive world, you know this is a big deal. Our team has evaluated the new Bronco and determined it is certainly worthy of the badge with impressive tech, and substantial capability, wrapped up in classical styling. Our familiarity with the 2.3L EcoBoost engine powering the Bronco made for a quick decision to create an effective catch-can solution. These engines feature direct-injection, which is great for creating an efficient burn and saving fuel but allows for carbon buildup on the intake valves. As blow-by flows over the intake valves, oil and carbon deposits can build up, impeding airflow and eventually preventing the valves from closing. The best way to treat carbon buildup is to prevent it, and that's where this Mishimoto Bronco 2.3L direct-fit catch can kit comes in. This Mishimoto catch can kit diverts blow-by away from the intake and traps it in our catch can. Inside the can, a set of air turbulators and baffles separate fuel, oil, and water vapors from the crankcase gasses and collects them to be drained next time you change your oil. By not returning the blow-by to your oil pan, our kit prevents fouling of the oil that could reduce its effectiveness, leading to accelerated engine wear. Finally, a sintered bronze filter removes any remaining carbon from the crankcase gases so that only clean air returns to your intake. The Mishimoto Ford Bronco 2.3L catch can kit is a complete bolt-on blow-by solution and includes all necessary components for a hassle-free installation. As with all our products, this kit includes our signature Mishimoto Lifetime Warranty.

  • Direct fit for 2021+ Ford Bronco with 2.3L EcoBoost
  • Catch can captures blow-by, preventing it from fouling engine oil
  • Sturdy 2.7mm-thick steel brackets withstand rough roads and off-road abuse
  • Includes high-quality, fuel and oil-resistant hoses with pre-installed quick-disconnect fittings to make installation easy
  • Direct-fit bracket mounts the catch can away from engine vibration
  • Protects intake valves from power-robbing carbon buildup
  • Pre-installed factory-style quick-disconnect fittings for clean installation
  • Filters and can are fully serviceable
  • Patent numberUS D884,760 S
  • Mishimoto Lifetime Warranty

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