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Speedlogix Bumpsteer Kit 2011-2023 Challenger/Charger

Speedlogix Bumpsteer Kit 2011-2023 Challenger/Charger


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Correct your bumpsteer with our latest version (released September 2023): billet aluminum body CNC-machined, then anodized, with 17-4 pre-hardened stainless ball joint studs, forged chromoly Teflon-lined Heim joints, and nylon lock nuts. 

Recommended for all vehicles for easier alignments and a wider range of adjustments.

Definition: Bumpsteer is a change in toe* angle caused by the suspension moving up or down. Bumpsteer is built into the geometry of the suspension and steering system, and has nothing to do with turning the steering wheel. The effect of bumpsteer is for the wheel to toe-in or toe-out when the suspension moves up or down. This toe change or steering occurs any time the suspension moves, whether it is from body roll, brake-dive, or hitting a bump in the road. Bumpsteer is undesirable because the suspension is steering the car instead of the driver.

Level of Difficulty

Moderate skill is required

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