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Speedlogix Tubular K-Member Kit 2011-2023 Challenger/Charger

Speedlogix Tubular K-Member Kit 2011-2023 Challenger/Charger


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Our tubular k-member is made out of chromoly and powder coated for a durable black wrinkle finish. Extensive design, development and testing has been done, including FEA (Finite Element Analysis) to achieve as close to OEM standards as possible.

This package will enable our k-member to fit your 2011+ by using the 2005-10 style motor mounts. Our kit contents will convert your vehicle to use solid motor mounts by using Mopar motor mount adapters and our solid motor mounts.

Our 2011+ K-Member package comes with the following components:
  • Speedlogix Tubular K-Member
  • 05-10 Mopar Mount Adapters
  • 05-10 Speedlogix Solid Motor Mounts

The factory k-member weighs 36.5 lbs. Our tubular version weighs 16.5 lbs, for a savings of 20 lbs.

​Our k-member is designed to weigh less than half and provide much more clearance than the factory unit. It is not guaranteed to fit every combination of aftermarket parts and builds, nor is it bulletproof.

If you need a custom k-member, we can provide that service.  We will provide you a bare k-member in the standard form for you to mark according to the required modifications for your vehicle.  You will return that one to us and we will then make you a custom unit according to your markings, powder coat it and ship it to you.  Allow an additional 4-6 weeks for this process.  Cost: $560 (in addition to the standard k-member price). 

Fits: 2011+ Charger, 300, Magnum, Challenger (no V6 engine vehicles)

Note: For off-road use only.  No warranty.

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