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Zoomers Exhaust Cat-Back 2009-2014 Challenger 5.7L

Zoomers Exhaust Cat-Back 2009-2014 Challenger 5.7L


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Improve the sound and performance of your R/T Challenger with our Zoomers Exhaust cat-back system.

- Short Barrel Dual Exhaust
- Utilizes Stock OEM Tip (our system does not come with new tips)
- 3" Stainless Steel pipe
- 3" Straight Pipe

The Vortex Expansion Chamber is an efficient flow-through design with a twist-literally. As the turbulent exhaust enters the chamber's larger diameter, it's contoured and spun by a special set of vanes. The result is a drop in pressure, which aids in scavenging the system. Flow velocity is kept high and unwanted backpressure is reduced.

Level of Difficulty

Moderate skill is required

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